Yoba make you better – you better make Yoba!

In challenged communities around the world, stimulating economic activity and improving public health are key factors towards a better and more prosperous future.

The Yoba for Life concept aims at helping people in resource-poor countries by local production of a probiotic yogurt, called Yoba, with proven health benefits.

The Yoba for life foundation reports on the background for its mission “Probiotics for every body” in Trends in Biotechnology.

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Recent blog posts from Africa

Deaf girls

•  Posted by Anneke Wouters on February 23rd, 2015

Recently a project was set up where 6 deaf girls make and sell yoba in Kampala, in order for them to independently provide for their own income later. They are supervised by Teddy Kisaakye from Kampala and Anneke Wouters from the Netherlands. The girls live in a house next to Teddy and her mother Jane [...]

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, milk to yoghurt

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on February 12th, 2015

It has not rained for almost two months now, and Uganda has turned into dust. Dust between my teeth, in my nose, my hair, my bed and dust sticking to my sweaty skin. While Europe and America get covered in snow and ice, Uganda experience the hottest two months of the year (January and February). [...]

Nightshift in Amulia

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on January 21st, 2015

It is past 5 pm when I arrive in Amulia, Eastern Uganda, after I had set of from a guesthouse in Kampala at 6 am that morning. At the dairy cooperative, the last farmers of that day arrive with their milk. The local cows give only around 1 or 2 liter milk per day, and [...]

Great news from the orphanage

•  Posted by Felicia Warren on January 9th, 2015

Yoba4Life and the Agape orphanage have some very good news to share: First of all we wanted to thank you! The Kisskissbankbank fundraising project was a success! We gathered 932 euros and we will start the building of the production unit next week. A special thanks to cms100, felix.molitor.31, chrbro, small_is_beautiful, ziia, charlotte.zwart, Martin Clarke, [...]

YOBA IN 2014

•  Posted by Felicia Warren on December 22nd, 2014

As December comes to an end and all Uganda prepares for an exciting 2015, it is a perfect time to look back at some of Yoba’s achievements over the past few months. At the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI), Galp and Z-plus are producing Yoba probiotics yoghurts every week, supplying the married man (see Nieke’s [...]

Yoba and Marriage

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on December 20th, 2014

Monday morning. I have returned to the civilized world of the Ugandan Industrial Research Institute, were our Yoba yoghurt is produced also. At the design department I’m printing some posters and files which I will take with me when I return to the countryside. An employee, seated there at his desk, is taking yoghurt. Two [...]

Farmers become Dairy Processors

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on December 7th, 2014

When you come to a new county, as a new project leader for Yoba for Life, everything is new and exciting. It takes you some time to settle in and learn the basics of the Ugandan people, language and culture. Subsequently, since job as full-time travelling country side project leader is newly invited, it takes [...]

New horizons: Yoba in Jinja area

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on November 6th, 2014

‘Today the car will come out of the garage’. ‘They said they need to fix one more thing but tomorrow it is really finished’. ‘Today it should be done, maybe we can pick it in the afternoon and go tommorow’. ‘They needed to order a new battery, but today they should finish, I promise you.’ [...]

Wrapping up in Masaka

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on October 13th, 2014

After residing for two months in Masaka, it is time to move to a new district in Uganda. The coming two months I will spend in and around Jinja. The village of Sembabule is situated a bit central among most of the groups I trained in Masaka area. The ‘Sembabule District Farmers Association (SEDFA)’ is [...]

Workshops all over

•  Posted by Nieke Westerik on September 5th, 2014

Only two three weeks have passed since my last blog post but there are so many things happening that I would be able to write a complete blog post about every day. However, I will confine myself to the highlights. Highlights of important achievements and highlights of absurd situations (from our western point of view). [...]